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What is Kant’s Contribution to our Identity?

dr Wadym Tytarenko (Вадим Титаренко)

W czwartek, 27 kwietnia dr Wadym Tytarenko (Вадим Титаренко) z Kijowskiego Uniwersytetu Narodowego im. Tarasa Szewczenki wygłosił wykład: „What is Kant’s Contribution to our Identity?”


Immanuel Kant is regarded as one of the most prominent thinkers of the Enlightenment and the founder of German Idealism. His legacy represents a fundamental, lifelong inquiry into the nature of humanity. „What is man? – is, according to the philosopher himself, the „greatest” question of his entire system of thought. In order to answer it, one must first find the answers to a number of „smaller” questions, namely „What can I know?”, „What should I do?”, and „What may I hope for?”, to which Kant devoted his famous „Critiques…”. The lecture will touch on Kant’s personality, the suggested answers to his famous “four questions” and introduce the understanding of human identity as a crucial element of his anthropology. It will also focus on the role of Kant’s perspective on identity in the formation of the modern discourse on identity.

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